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The Collie Clip

Assisting personnel around the globe for 20 + years

One Clip
Multiple Uses

How often do you wish you had an extra set of hands to help during an emergency situation? The Collie Clip is a simple solution to a complex need, its applications include: 

  • Attach an IV bag to the Collie Clip and fasten it to a uniform or surrounding infrastructure for quick IV establishment.
  • Hold Blood Bag & blood warmer in unconventional environments.
  • During traumatic auto extrication, attach the Collie Clip to the vehicle to free up public safety responders from holding IV solutions for entrapped patients.
  • In disaster situations, use the Collie Clip to transform mass transportation into mobile EMS units.
  • With available attachments, the Collie Clip system can also be used as a waste-bag holder, a line or cable separator, or a cot clip to hang a catheter bag during transport.

The Anatomy Of "The Clip Within The Clip"

1)  Primary Clip Jaws

  • Will grip rod or tube to a max diameter of 25.4mm, flat surfaces up to 22mm
  • Rounded jaws designed not to damage drapes or cloth

2)  Secondary Jaws – The clip within a clip

  • A pair of secondary jaws which operate independently of each other and also of the primary jaws
  •  Used for: Insertion of specially designed Collie Clip clip-in attachments for applications such as holding waste bags, IV bags, drapes, small cables and tubing etc.

Don't just take it from us...

Great Tool!

Our agency provides emergency medical services to a large two-county service area, a region that has felt the impact of tornados, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  In times of disaster response, personnel and equipment are vital in ensuring successful outcomes; they are often in short supply and must be stretched to meet the emergent needs.  The Collie Clip is a great tool for use in such critical situations.  It can be the equivalent to having an extra set of hands to secure an IV bag and, in turn, frees up valuable personnel resources to accomplish patient care. We are pleased to have the Collie Clip “toolbox” for use in a variety of response situations

Well Engineered, Amazing Product

The pre-hospital environment is challenging for the medical practitioner and for the equipment he or she uses.  Kits need to be functional, robust and multi-purpose in nature.  The Collie Clip fits the bill in all respects and is very well engineered. I have a reputation for being a crash-test-dummy of pre-hospital medical equipment and this is one of the few items that has survived over a year of intensive use with me!.

Game Changer

In a day of countless questionable gadgets intended to capitalize on increased attention on disaster medical preparedness, it’s refreshing to know that Collie Clips and their accessories have been around for years, and really do help responders do what needs to be done.

Practical and Cost Effective

We’ve found the Collie Clip products to be well conceived, effectively engineered, and robustly constructed.  They provide uncommon flexibility in disaster medical response, whether care is being provided in an overtaxed hospital, a temporary facility, or a field setting.  These devices are practical and cost effective, and could well be considered a force multiplier, as they can free up personnel from any of supply-and equipment-holding tasks.  These products have the additional advantage of functioning effectively even during patient transport on hand-carried lifters, wheeled devices or vehicles.

Great Product

We have used them” (Collie Clip sets) “in three earthquakes (Pakistan, Sumatra & Haiti) to excellent effect!

The Collie Clip is phenomenal

The product is phenomenal! Its usefulness has not compared to anything I have seen since first exposed to them in 2005.  Clinicians, paramedics, med techs and nurses rave about the practicality and usefulness of the product. The Collie Clip has revolutionised the organisation of streamlining the tubing required for intubating patients for care. Truly a remarkable product!

Got Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out regarding any enquiries or questions you may have.

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