Austmel Quality Solutions

About Us

Austmel Quality Solutions stands as a testament to three generations of dedicated family ownership and operation since its inception in 1974. Initially, our focus was on quality assurance products for use in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and allied manufacturing industries.


Today, Austmel embarks on a journey as the proud owner and distributor of the esteemed Collie Clip range. This evolution marks a new chapter for us, blending our history with a renewed commitment to excellence in delivering exceptional products

The Collie Clip

The creator of the Collie Clip is our good friend and business associate, Mr Peter Suckling of Altrax Group UK Ltd. Peter found that bulldog clips (typically used to hold documents) were being used within surgical instrument sets and reprocessed through washer disinfectors and steam sterilizers. Thus the idea for a fit-for-purpose clip came about, and the Collie Clip was born. This unique “clip within a clip” is highly adaptable and can be used for an endless number of applications.



Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Our team are eager to help meet your needs and provide quality products and solutions for your organization.

Meet The Team

Jackson Melloy

Business Development Manager


+61 432 713 962


Andrew Melloy

Managing Director


+61 411 888 244


Luke Melloy

Business Development Manager


+61 435 261 030


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