Austmel Quality Solutions

"Clip-In" Attachments

Manufactured from Stainless Steel, the Collie Clip clip-in Attachments are highly durable,  will not rust or corrode and can be decontaminated and sterilized safely.


The clip-in  attachments are compact and easily packed away into a utility bag, ready for use.

Waste Bag Support Attachment

Provides a lightweight, flexible solution for holding waste bags or swab bowls for first responders.

The Collie Clip Waste Bag Attachment is quick and easy to assemble ideal for use in the field or temporary facility.

Airway Tidy Attachment ​

Designed for holding and supporting airway tubes, which allows better positioning of the mask, a better seal on the patient and assists to prevent accidental removal.
Whether used static during treatment or patient transfer, the Collie Clip can be conveniently affixed to the side of the stretcher.

IV Bag Holder Attachment

Ideal for use by first responders, administering IV solutions in disaster or mass casualty situations.
Either in the field, a temporary facility or an overrun hospital, the Collie Clip provides a highly flexible IV management solution.
The Collie Clip enables easy transfer of IV bags from first response, patient transport to medical facility.

Cable Tidy Attachments

Designed for routing and tidying cables and tubing creating an organized, safe working environment.
Available in perpendicular or parallel design to cater for differing cable orientations.

Utility Bags

The Collie Clip Utility Bag is designed to consolidate and organize the Collie Clips and “clip-in” attachments depending on the users requirements.


Storage capabilities are enhanced by various compartments  and pockets that have been specially designed to keep the Collie Clips and “clip-in” attachments secure and organized.

Manufactured from highly durable nylon the Collie Clip Utility Bag is constructed for optimum performance and longevity in harsh environments.


The Collie Clip Utility Bags are available in three different sizes, in either high visibility orange with a reflective strip, or black.



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